Today is the day!

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The day has come! Pass by our store today from 6pm to 9pm, to shop the best selection of caftans and summer dresses by amazing local talents by Thoub Sabbi, Anfal Designs, Qamar, SHugar, Yasmin Sultan, Sama Designs, Jallabiya, Ghain Ghada, Shams & Hamsa!

Caftan AlOthman almost here!



It’s almost time! Don’t forget to pass by AlOthman Boutique tomorrow Wednesday May 27 between 6pm-9pm to shop the most prettiest Caftans brought to you by your favorite designers. Anfal Designs, By Sama Designs, Hamsa, Jallabiya, Yasmin Sultan, Qamar, Shams Concept & Thoub Sabbi.